Less is more. What you wear defines who you are. The love for open road is more than an attitude, it’s a life style. To stand by this life style, Black Venom brings you the essential pieces needed for the open road. We believe your clothes is a representation of who you are. They should not be limited to a certain tasks only. Each of our garments brings a balance between daily and biker wears. Our unique individuality will separate you apart from the person next to you.


BIKER 面對寬廣道路的愛戀不僅是一種態度的表現,更是一種生活方式;為貫徹這種生活方式,Black Venom 將帶給您在寬廣道路上重點的必備元素。我們相信一個人的穿著最直接的代表著一個人;穿著不應侷限於任何一種形式,而服裝更應詮釋著日常生活 Look 及 Biker 裝扮間的完美平衡,BV精品的獨特絕對讓您與身邊的人有顯著的優異性。